The history

From farm to Michelin-starred restaurant

The Bischofhof has always been family-owned. As the name suggests, it was once a farm - but by no means owned by the bishops. Only the proximity to the former bishop’s see in Sabiona suggests where the place took its name from.

In the blooming 90s, the foundations for the hotel business were laid, and in 2002 Martin himself became a chef in the hotel. The years of training with Heinz Winkler, Corrado Fasolato and Armin Mayrhofer, among others, formed Martin so that he opened a gourmet restaurant which immediately received the first Michelin star and a further 4 years later the 2nd Michelin star.

The stars shone above the restaurant for 10 years. The pandemic led to further changes. Minor remodeling work was carried out but the structure remained the same. The house is still firmly in family hands.


Dates & facts

Martin’s grandfather started a room rental in the Seventies

1990 - Martin's father takes over the business and lays the foundation for the hotel

2000 - Major remodeling of the Bischofhof

2002 - Martin becomes Chef de Cuisine at the Bischofhof Hotel

2002 - Opening of gourmet restaurant “Jasmin”

2003 - First important award (15 points Gault Millau)

2007 - First Michelin star

2011 - Second Michelin star

In 2021, minor remodeling work and changes were carried out in the wake of the pandemic.

The Michelin-starred restaurant was converted into an exclusive bistro.

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