Villandro Alp

Mountains, alpine pastures and nature as far as the eye can see

From the Bischofhof in Chiusa, the Villandro Alp can be reached by car or bus in just under half an hour. The Villandro Alp is a popular excursion destination for hikers, cyclists and families and one of the most beautiful high Alpine pastures in South Tyrol with impressive panoramic views and exciting vegetation.

The alpine pasture area covers around 25 square kilometers and offers a unique backdrop of rolling hills, lush meadows and dense forests.

The Villandro Alp is a nature reserve. This serves to preserve the unique flora and fauna and to protect the alpine landscape from excessive development.


The use of the Villandro Alp as an alpine pasture area for cattle began as early as the Middle Ages. Farmers from the neighboring villages brought their cattle to the alpine pasture in summer to find fresh grass and clean water.

The traditional alpine huts on the Villandro Alp have been continuously expanded and modernized over the years. The Gasserhütte, Stöfflhütte or “Rinderplatz” pasture and restaurant offer a great culinary offer with traditional dishes and playground facilities for children.

For hikers and nature lovers, the Villandro Alp high above the Isarco Valley is a fascinating holiday experience. In spring, the meadows around the so-called “Totenkirchl” chapel are transformed into an infinite sea of flowers, when countless wildflowers offer their whole splendor.

The summer months invite you to collect herbs and berries, while in autumn the landscape puts on its most colorful dress and is an exciting backdrop for photography lovers, on excursions or bike and e-bike tours.

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