Bistro and wine cellar

Enjoy our cuisine in a very intimate and familiar atmosphere!

Fancy an exclusive evening at Bistro Jasmin?

An ambience to linger in
Our bistro is a place of tranquility and enjoyment. Fine ‘Christofle’ cutlery, porcelain from France, Riedel and Zalto glasses and a wine list with exquisite wines from all over the world will brighten up your evening! Here you can escape the stress of everyday life and embark on a culinary journey that will enrich both your palate and your soul. While other restaurants in the immediate vicinity offer dishes for quick consumption, we invite you to take your time and savor the food in all its variety and sophistication.
Discover our garden
When the days get longer and the nights are balmy, our bistro opens its garden doors and invites you to spend magical summer evenings with us. On our terrace, you can enjoy our exclusive seasonal 4-course menu and experience the relaxed atmosphere in the open air.
A menu that convinces and is sustainable
We do not have an ‘à la carte’ menu. A concept that has long proven itself in our Michelin-starred cuisine (10 years 2 Michelin stars). Cooking in this way is at the heart of our philosophy. We believe that our gastronomic future lies in focusing on quality rather than quantity.  We minimize food waste to conserve our planet's resources. It is important to us to conjure up creations that not only delight your palate but are also sustainable and seasonal from our garden to your plate.
It's best to book your experience when you book your room!

We are a family business run over several generations, which only allows for small capacities. To give our chef Martin the opportunity to prepare fresh, delicious dishes for you in a sustainable way, we are open on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. (subject to change)

Opening hours 19:00 to 21:00
Booking required!


Opening hours 7 to 9 pm

Reservation for the evening required until 12 p.m.!

Always open on Thursday, Friday and Saturday (subject to change)

We are a family business run by many generations, which allows only small capacities. In order to allow our chef Martin to prepare fresh, delicious dishes for you.


In vino veritas

Our wine cellar hosts red, white, rosé and sparkling treasures selected with care and love to suit the finest sommelier palates amongst you. The first-class wines match perfectly with our high-end cuisine. Let us advise you for the wine pairing in order to reach epic levels of delectation during your dinner at the gourmet restaurant Jasmin.

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